Apollon Kouskoumvekakis was born in Athens in 1963. He studied classical guitar with Costas Cotsiolis. In this class took a soloist diploma with honors and received Award of Excellence. Meanwhile, he further expanded his theoretical musical knowledge, obtaining diploma in composition, under tutoring of Nikos Papadimitriou, and gained a diploma with honors. Afterwards he attended postgraduate courses in composition and orchestral conducting at the University of Indianapolis (Athens Campus).

He has to show a rich discography with projects such as baroque music ( J.S.Bach, D.Scarlatti – Musika Viva 1988 ), romantic music ( L. de Call, F.Molino – Plagiavlos 1990 ), works of A.Amarantidis ( Musika Viva 1991), works of J.A. Papaioannou ( Musika Viva 1992 ), Latin American music ( Motivo 2000 ), works of Greek composers ( Puzzlemusik 2008 ) and Greek love songs ( Lyra classics 2010 ). As a member of ΄΄Hellenik Trio’’ ensemble, with Dimitris Fotopoulos in flute and Paris Anastasiadis in viola, has made many first performances of important Greek composers of scholarly music ( K.Kydoniatis, P.Koukos, G.Diamantis, D.Konstantinidis, E.Kokkoris, B.Kanas, A.Amarantidis, J.A.Papaioannou, M.Messinis, etc. ).

As a soloist he has appeared in almost all the Greek festivals. He has collaborated with the Symphonic Orchestra of Greek Radio Television ( ERT ) and the Symphonic Orchestra of Municipality of Athens. He has appeared in several countries ( France, Spain, Czech Republic, Egypt, etc. ), extracting great reviews.
He has collaborated with the Presidency of Greek Republic, accompanying former President Kostis Stefanopoulos on official visits abroad, interpreting ancient Greek Music ( Tetraktys ensemble ).

He teaches guitar, music theory and analysis at the Municipal Conservatory of Glyfada and at Orfeas Conservatory of Athens.

As a conductor and orchestrator, he works with the Athens Chamber Orhestra, the Athens Mandolin Orhestra, and with renowned artists in the lyrical and artistic singing, presenting programs in almost all types of quality Greek songs. The autumn of 2014 released the record “November of her eyes” which contains instrumental works and songs composed by Apollon Kouskoumvekakis.
During 2016 released the CD album "With a nod of a kiss" and the collection "music for movies", which both contain music composed by Apollon Kouskoumvekakis.

email: apollon.kous@gmail.com