...God bless you Apollo! I listen to you all the time. At home, in my car and i even imported your songs on my ipod.
You brought these beloved melodies on the spotlight again, with all the respect in their old glow and admiration on their composers. It's an inspired interpritation for 2 guitars that balances succesfully between the light and the classic.
The interpretations of the duet Kouskoumvekakis - Laskaridou are amazing, with technical perfection and musicality. A magnificent work for classic guitar with timeless melodies, so come classical...
              DIFONO Magazine, Liana Malandrenioti

… Bright object of the new interpretative passions of Apollon Kouskoumvekakis is the music of Latin America with the colors and seductive rhythms.
It brings together 18 compounds and gives them his interpretive favor and his soul. Net melodies, precise rhythms; the skill is consistent with the sensitivity.
His music is earthly, with popular impulses and clear intentions.

The immediate emotion is the main reason for their existence...
                            DIFONO Magazine

… Guide for this trip is the guitar from Apollon Kouskoumvekakis, always with pithy and clear sound.
The soloist gives in composition homogeny and emotional self-control, and when it’s necessary gives virtuoso proficiency.
The soloist is investing in the wealth and the particular characteristics of the guitar.

It's an album full of lyricism from the first to the last note.
                            ECHOS Magazine

… Apollon Kouskoumvekakis combines the knowledge of the intentions of the author with the skills and the expressive capacity, which has, converted the musical notation into valuable polite sounds.
His interpretation is honest, spontaneous and highlights the projects and the possibilities of the guitar…
                            ELEFTHEROTYPIA, George Monemvasitis

… The interpretation of Apollon Kouskoumvekakis has the necessary magic that the chakonnes, the fugues, the minuets and sonates to contact the friend of the music.

                            ECHOS Magazine, Nikos Dontas

… This version is easily identifiable as a monument because of the value and the importance of Greek scholarly music. It may travel the world with the best prospects…
You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed this recording. The repetition of my revealing new secrets and continually reinforces my conviction for the top quality Congratulations!.
                        JAZZ & ΤΖΑΖ Magazine, Thomas Tamvakos

… “Greek trio” reciprocates with an excellent interpretation. Their music plays with mood, rhythm, sensitivity and love that the pieces require.
All of them are great artists. The sound of each instrument is clear and distinct. It’s a remarkable record, one of the best and indispensable to collectors of the Greek music…
                        DIFONO Magazine, Liana Malandrenioti

...Le trio hellenique nous permis d’entendre superbement interpretee, une musique de qualite, peu connye, charmante, bien adaptee a les charmes d’une nuit d’ete...
                            LE DAUPHINE

... This is a jewel in the disk library that respects itself.
Although I admit that the cover created by artist Dimitris Mytaras is very stylish, I would advise you not to hang it on the wall of your home, but to listen to the content.
Is also similar to the cover...
                            VOTRE BEAUTE Magazine

Yiannis A. Papaioannou

(1910 - 1989)