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Leandros Kokkoris - I asked the wind / Ρώτησα τον άνεμο (visualization)
Leandros Kokkoris- Leave, if you're tired / Αν κουράστη- κες, φύγε (visualization)
Michalis Sougioul- Where could you be now / Πού να' σαι τώρα
Mimis Plessas - Who knows it / Ποιός το ξέρει
Michalis Sougioul - Baby girl / Μπέμπα
Kostas Gianidis - You will come back / Θα ξανάρθεις
Nikos Gounaris- Who took you away / Ποιος σε πήρε και μου'φυγες
Michalis Sougioul, Vre Dounia / Βρε ντουνιά (with Toulouse Lautrec paintings)
Michalis Sougioul - Vre Dounia / Βρε ντουνιά
Kostas Gianidis - How much sorry I feel / Πόσο λυπάμαι
Leandros Kokkoris - The song of pierrot / Το τραγούδι του πιερότου
Giorgos Mouzakis - I have been waiting for you for years... Χρόνια σε περίμενα, χρόνια σ' αγαπούσα
Dansa Cubana (Traditional) (visualization)
Fernando Sor, Etude in B minor / Σπουδή σε σι ελάσσονα
Fernando Sor, Etude in D minor / Σπουδή σε ρε ελάσσονα
Stanley Myers, Cavatina
Celso Machado, Quebra Quexico (choro)
Antonio Vivaldi, Largo from concert for lute and string Orchestra.
Jorge Cardoso, Milonga.
Jaques Ibert, Entr' acte.
Gerassimos Miliaressis, Greek Suite/ Γεράσιμος Μηλιαρέσης, Ελληνική σουίτα.
Gerassimos Miliaressis, Tremolo/ Γεράσιμος Μηλιαρέσης, Τρέμολο.
Luigi Boccherini, Allegro in D minor for Guitar and String Orchestra.

... Music, moonlight and dreams are our magical weapons.
The moon lengthens the shadows making trees look higher.
Dreams are part of ourselves...
Yes, ...and what a sadness to wake up!
And in the Music's bowels our thought is travelling.
Incomplete presences making things look alive, imbued by irresistible drive to play a role, are posing as memories...
                ...adding one more wrinkle.
                            Evangelos Kokkoris